50 Greatest NBA Point Guards of All Time

Point guard is one of the most significant positions on the floor in the NBA. Shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center all carry great importance as well, but having a point guard that’s able to lead your team could put you at a supreme advantage over your opponent.

The point guard is designed to be the general of the floor. He’s the one that dictates the tempo, rhythm and flow of the offense and makes the offense work. Without a point guard that has the responsibility of seeing the court better than anyone else on the court, offenses will find themselves out of rhythm many more times than a team that relies on a shooting guard or a small forward to lead the offense.

On defense, they carry just as much importance, as they’re meant to use their agility, quickness and timing to either use their quick hands to stop a possession before it starts or to intercept the ball in the passing lane to start a fast break. They’re part of the first line of defense, and they’re meant to disrupt the opposing point guard to the best of their abilities as not to allow the opponent’s offense to find a rhythm.

Still, Lucas didn’t need the awards or All NBA team nominations to become one of the league’s top point guards in the late 1970s, as he would average as much as 16 points and nine assists per game in only his third season. He would go on to average a career high in assists at nearly 11 per game despite only starting in 39 games and playing in 29 minutes per night.

Miami Heat fans may disagree with this ranking, as Bibby recently greatly let the team down in the postseason, but that’s beside the point.

Bibby saw his best years come as a member of the Kings and Vancouver Grizzlies, as he would average his career wholesale nba jerseys
high in assists with the Grizzlies and in points with the Kings. He came a few games away from leading the Kings to their first ever NBA Finals appearance in 2002 before possible interruption from the NBA played a part.1991 Most Improved Player

Setting the record for the most assists in a game with 31, current Milwaukee Bucks coach and former Orlando Magic point guard Scott Skiles set a record that may never be broken.

Skiles was a solid point guard in the 10 years he spent in the NBA, as he would average as many as 17 points per game in 1991 and as many as nine assists per in 1993. He would greatly help the development of a young Magic team that featured Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway, and it showed, as he would set the standard for passing. Aside from being a member of the All Rookie First Team in 2000, Andre Miller has never been on any All NBA team, an All Star team or even considered for an MVP despite being one of the league’s iron men and one of its most solid floor generals.

In terms of being an iron man, Miller has missed six games over a career that started in 1999. He has never missed more than two games in a season and recently broke a streak of three consecutive seasons of playing in 82 games this past year when he was forced to sit out a game.

Aside from being the Cal Ripken Jr. of the NBA, Miller has always been recognized as a solid point guard that can score when called upon and find his teammates for easy scores.

Not too well known by the average NBA fan, former Washington Bullet and Detroit Piston Kevin Porter would be a teammate of some of the league’s top post players in Elvin Hayes, Wes Unseld and Bob Lanier.


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