and why the Mavs need to be more like the Spurs

Columnist Kevin Sherrington held a chat earlier this week to answer questions about the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks and local college sports. Here are some highlights:

Question: Thoughts on [Kevin] Durant leaving a ready made title contender for the team his couldn’t beat and what that means for the league (at least) next year?

Sherrington: Well, I think it tells you all you need to know about the NBA. Of all the leagues, it’s easily the most player driven. I think it’s foolish to say, oh, a guy would never go there because that’s a big rival. There’s no such thing in the NBA. These guys are all pals, especially the superstars. They’re the most well adjusted athletes on earth.

Having said that, I get why Durant does this. He’s got an option after this year. He’s been hurt a lot lately. No guarantees anywhere, but I wasn’t surprised that Golden State came back and beat OKC last year. It’s a better team. If Durant wins a title with GS, all the pressure’s off with his career. He can do what he wants after that.

Question: With the Mavs always striking out on the big names, why not just come into the offseason trying to go for the second tier guys?

Sherrington: Well, essentially, that’s what they do. They aim high and then settle. I really can’t fault them for doing that too much. They always find nice parts. What you have to ask yourself is why do these free agents jerseys for cheap
skip the Mavs? Easy enough. Not on one of the coasts, and the resident superstar is in the twilight of his career. San Antonio got [LaMarcus] Aldridge because the Spurs have more good parts, and it’s the best organization in the league. The Mavs would do well to mimic the Spurs more often.

Sherrington: Don’t know about that. Going to be hard for him to get minutes with [Andrew] Bogut and [Dwight] Powell and [Salah] Mejri in the way. Bet he spends a lot of time in Frisco.


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