Top Ten Baseball Parks To See Before You Die

What is so majestic about going to the ballpark? Is it the smell of a hot dog, maybe the crack of the bat, or maybe just enjoying watching your favorite team play. All of those things come secondary to why most people go to the ballpark for the ballpark. In this list, I will give you the top ten existing baseball parks that must be visited by everyone before they go out of this grand ole park called Earth.

10. Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia, PA) This new facility for the Phillies is a newbie but a goodie. The sight lines are compared as some of the best in the majors, not to mention being a great hitters park and the promise of an authentic philly cheesesteak.

9. Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baltimore, MD) The model for the latest generation of ballparks is set with great ambience that brings back reminiscent memories of the old days of baseball.

8. AT Park (San Francisco, CA) One of the most famous ballparks of late, this bayside monument to the greatness of cheap jerseys
the ’50s and ’60s Giants gives fans a chance to see games from the stands or in a kayak waiting for long flys to fly into McCovey Cove.

7. New Busch Stadium (St. Louis, MO) Built right next to the site of the Old Busch, New Busch is a testament to the glory of the St. Louis Cardinals that is built in to the downtown area perfectly and allows great vision of the field from any seat or section, not to mention having a good Budweiser and a rack of St. Louis ribs.

6. Minute Maid Park (Houston, TX) A great idea for those hot and humid summer days in southeast Texas, Minute Maid Park brings the fans closer into the game with seats right up close to the warning tracks and the home run magnet, the Crawford Box.

5. Miller Park (Milwaukee, WI) truly a sight to see, especially if it is a weather game just to see the magnificent roof close in around you, not to mention the great seating and family features that they allow for Brew Crew fans.

4. US Cellular Field (Chicago, IL) This stomping ground of the White Sox is overlooked in the city for another great ballpark, but there is no missing in the delight of sitting down with a kielbasa and a beer and watching the scoreboard go crazy with each score.

3. Fenway Park (Boston, MA) A real baseball institution, Fenway Park, like its tenants the Red Sox, were for years overlooked and looked away. Now with Sox Resurgency, people are flocking to see the park that is home to Pesky Pole, low right center seats, and that Green Monster.

2. Wrigley Field (Chicago, IL) The Friendly Confines is truly just that, a warm crowd that just loves the game and likes watching a baseball game like their in the 1920s with its manual scoreboard, win/lose flags, and lack of modern technology. Plus, where else would you rather sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”

1. Yankee Stadium (Bronx, New York, NY) With its departure after this season, it only seems right that the “House that Ruth Built” should headline the list. 26 world championships have been won by its tenants and it is one of the last three great stadiums left. Nothing could be better than watching the pinstripes go out and win another one for the Yankee Universe. Plus, no other field has a short right field porch for lefties and a narrow gap for righties to left. A real experience to sit with 60,000 other fans and yell, ” Yankees win, Yaaa ankees win!!!”


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