what tactic his reps may use to reduce suspension


Joe Garagiola Jr., Major League Baseball’s dean of discipline, came down hard on the Rangers for their role in an on the field brawl with Toronto on Sunday. Each team had seven staffers and players penalized, with the Rangers taking the bigger hit.

Odor received an eight game suspension for punching Toronto’s Jose Bautista. Andrus picked up a one game suspension for throwing a haymaker that missed everyone.

Andrus accepted his penalty, forcing the Rangers to go one player short against Oakland. The consensus opinion was the club would benefit by Andrus getting the suspension out of the way.

Odor will appeal, allowing him to stay on the roster until the process is completed. He was in the lineup, batting lead off, against the Athletics.

“I knew I was going to be suspended,” Odor said. “I’m waiting for the appeal.”

Toronto had four suspensions: three games to manager John Gibbons, three games to middle reliever Jesse Chavez, one game to coach Tim Leiper and one game to Bautista for a hard slide into Odor and post game comments.

Andrus and Odor for nine games. Bautista and Chavez for four games. Disadvantage, Rangers.

“It’s not necessarily how we’d like it to go, but we’ll live with it,” Rangers manager Jeff Banister said.

The Rangers believe Odor’s heavily publicized punch figured in his punishment. He received the biggest penalty for a fight since Carlos Quentin was also suspended for eight games in 2013 after charging the mound and tackling pitcher Zack Greinke, breaking his collarbone.

“I think they draw a fine line at actually throwing a punch,” general manager Jon Daniels said. “Whether we agree with it or not does not matter. That seems to be the litmus test for a suspension, at least in this case.”

Odor’s representatives, the Beverly Hills Sports Council, and the Major League Baseball Players Association will handle the mlb jerseys from china
appeal. Bob Lenaghan, the union’s assistant general counsel, will direct the process. MLB has 14 days to schedule an appeal hearing, which can be held in person or by video conferencing.

The appeal is likely to point out that unlike Quentin, Odor did not injure Bautista to the point that he missed games. There also could be a mention that Garagiola gave Martin Maldonado a five game suspension in 2013 for a blatant “sucker punch” of Pittsburgh’s Travis Snider.

Odor is unfamiliar with the appeal process and will put his fate in the hands of his representatives and the union. He declined to comment on Bautista’s penalty but is unhappy with the possibility of having to miss an extended period.

“I want to be with my team,” Odor said. “I don’t want to be out for eight games.”

The Rangers acknowledge this is a stressful situation for a 22 year old player like Odor. The organization is coming to his defense, offering support at a tenuous time. The Rangers will do all they can to keep this episode from scarring Odor.

“He’s a competitor,” Banister said. “I take it harder when I read the comments that have ‘dirty player’ attached to Rougned Odor. Rougie is such a team player. He plays with passion for the team. I know what’s in his heart. I know what’s in his mind.”


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