Coach of the Year race an interesting one

Sefko: My opinion on the MVP is that you could give it to LeBron James every year. He’s the best player on the planet. Some say he’s also the best GM on the planet, but that’s another story. Right now, based on performance vs. expectations and what their teams have done, I’d probably give it to Houston’s James Harden, even though I’ve been a critic of his through the years. He’s been terrific and nobody had the Rockets as a clear No. 3 seed in the Western Conference. So let’s go Harden, James, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, although it pains me to put Leonard down that low. Not really a bad choice among any of those superstars. And by the way, that little midget Isaiah Thomas deserves some love, too. What he’s done for the Celtics is hard to argue against.

Q: Who’s the Coach of the Year?

Sefko: Right now, it’s hard to go against Mike D’Antoni, although if I vote for Harden for MVP, then D’Antoni should have been able to get the Rockets high in the standings, right? They have the cheap nba jerseys
MVP. It’s also fair to say Brad Stevens in Boston and Scott Brooks in Washington have done superlative jobs. And if Miami makes the playoffs, can you overlook Erik Spoelstra? Pretty interesting race, really. Thanks for bringing that up and getting me thinking about it. Is ‘I don’t know” an acceptable answer????

Q: Does it benefit teams that, unlike the NFL, the NBA draft comes before free agency?

Sefko: Chicken and egg. Does it really matter? I hear this argument occasionally, but the NFL has a lot more talent available through the draft. The NBA has only 60 picks and about 30 of them are not going to be NBA worthy. Free agency is no fun, but it’s a necessary evil. You have to run out your ground balls. I think the way it is, is just fine.


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