comments a disservice to aspiring female coaches

Although he thinks he is doing women a favor, he actually does a disservice to aspiring female coaches to “sort of ensure” that they will be a head coach. If and when a woman becomes a head coach, she might well have earned it, but we’ll never know because many will think she was given the job simply so the commissioner could check off a box on his PC checklist. It authentic jerseys cheap
will cause people to think she got the job because she is a woman, not because she deserved it. What else are people to think when the commissioner says things such as this:

This is what happens when you “focus in” on such matters: After Hollywood bashed itself a year ago over the dearth of black Oscar nominees in 2016, the academy couldn’t hand Oscars out fast enough to black actors this year they set a record for black award winners. It was pretty transparent. It also was a disservice to black filmmakers. They might well have been deserving of the awards, but the perception is that they were given the awards because of the color of their skin, not because of their performances. It casts doubt on their accomplishments, which isn’t fair to anybody.

Back to the NBA: There are already two female assistant coaches in the NBA Becky Hammon of the Spurs and Nancy Lieberman of the Kings. Natalie Nakase is an assistant video coordinator for the Clippers. They didn’t get there because Silver leaned on those teams; they got there because of merit, because, through the natural progression of paying their dues and making contacts and proving themselves, they were hired. Hammon is apparently so encouraged by her future prospects that she turned down an offer to be the head coach of the University of Florida’s women’s team to continue her quest to become the first female NBA head coach.


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