minute forecasts for the NBA season

Dustin Jensen: The Jazz will finish with 50 wins, 32 losses. The two parts that go into that total are home and road records which I believe will be 30 11 and 20 22, respectively. The Jazz are going to struggle a little bit out of the gate. We can only hope Favors is back by the opener on Tuesday but I am yet to see encouraging signs. Hayward and Burks are also out. That would all be fine except for the first 10 games include opponents such as San Antonio, Portland, Dallas and the Los Angeles Clippers. I expect a 5 5 or 4 6 start but look for the Jazz to slay their schedule after that initiation.

Kincade Upstill: Most Vegas betting sites have the Jazz winning between 47 50 games. My prediction is they will win 48 games this year. Last season injuries to key players (Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors and Dante Exum) held the team back from reaching its true potential. Many in the NBA analytics world feel point differential is one of the best ways to gauge how good a team is, and last season the Jazz had the fifth best point differential in the Western Conference. If health is on the cheap basketball jerseys from china
Jazz’s side and all the new additions fit in nicely, I could see them finishing with over 50 wins but no NBA season ever goes as planned.

Bobby Macey: I think the NBA MVP this year goes to Kevin Durant. Some may think I’m crazy for saying that, since the Warriors are stacked, but ultimately, I believe we are going to see the best basketball we’ve ever seen from Durant this year. He has the pieces around him to make him an even better player than he already is. I predict that we are going to see his passing game evolve, scoring will remain high on the NBA charts and other stats will follow. He’ll get easy points he’s not accustomed to because he won’t have to create his own shot near as much as he’s had to in the past.


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