Colby Lewis’ toughness will be missed

Here are some highlights:

Question: Does the MLB penalty of the Cards, giving the draft picks to the Astros, essentially penalize all of the AL West?

Gerry Fraley: That is an interesting way at looking at it. Manfred’s decision put Houston in position to have a strong draft. Of course, Houston has to do something with those picks. Remember, the Astros had the first overall pick in three consecutive years and got one player: Carlos Correa. I could do better than that with three consecutive first overall picks.

Question: Are the Rangers making a mistake by not bringing back Colby Lewis?

Gerry Fraley: Colby Lewis is off the chart when it comes to tenacity and mental toughness. The Rangers decided that Lewis, at age 37, was no longer a good bet to make it through a season. Remember that he went 0 4 with a 6.38 ERA after the shoulder muscle injury last year. They will miss Lewis. He seemed a better choice than Cashner, but the Rangers went the other way.

Question: Do you think the Rangers have enough quality bullpen arms to get them through the season? Seemed like they always struggled in that area of the game last season.

Gerry Fraley: Every good club has a tired bullpen late in the season. It’s inevitable. Good teams play more close games that require use of the bullpen than bad teams do. The Rangers have a good supply of arms. They likely will need every one.

Question: What do you think the team is going to do with Hanser Alberto this year? Will he start in the minors or is he going to be one of those bench players who can play multiple positions?

Gerry Fraley: Jeff Banister has wanted a flexible roster since the day he arrived. Banister could get that this season. If Profar ends up in left, Alberto becomes a candidate for the utility infielder job. Excellent glove but has not yet shown the bat.

Question: I remember seeing jerseys for cheap
rumors about Texas wanting Matt Bush to be a starter awhile back. guess that is not going to happen? What did you think of the idea?

Gerry Fraley: Terrible, especially for a team that has had much more failure (Ross, Scheppers, Feliz) than success (Wilson) at the conversion. Bush has great stuff. He can affect more games as a multi inning reliever than as a starter.

Question: If Choo doesn’t get what he wants in terms of playing time in the field do you think he could request a trade?

Gerry Fraley: He could but has zero leverage. No team is taking that contract. Rangers would have to eat a substantial piece of that pie to trade him. They are not looking to do that at this time. Choo will come around on the issue.

Question: Where do you think Carlos Gomez needs the most improvement: in his defense or in his swing?

Gerry Fraley: His swing improved, better balance, after joining the Rangers in August. Gomez has to stay on top of that and not fall back into old and bad habits. If the batting helmet starts spinning around his face, something has gone wrong.


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