2011 Boston Bruins jerseys Preview

Let me start this article out by saying that I grew up in Boston and I am a huge Bruins fan. That being said, I plan to state nothing but the truth and if I am being a homer, please call me out and bash me at every chance.I would like to start with the goaltending. I think it is pretty safe to say that the Bruins have the best 1 2 punch in the Eastern Conference, if not the NHL. Tim Thomas is coming back and looks like the same Thomas as two years ago when he was the best goalie in the NHL and Rask is coming back looking like the same goalie as last year who almost led the Bruins to the Eastern Conference championship, if it wasn’t for one of the biggest meltdowns in sports history. With the ability to ride the hot goalie throughout the whole season and rest them both for the entire season will help this team have a long playoff run.The B’s also just signed one of the best defensemen in the NHL to a seven year contract when they signed Big Z, Zdeno Chara. Chara is the captain of the team and definitely the captain of the defense who will help protect Thomas and Rask throughout the whole season.The B’s have high hopes this year for 26 year old Johnny Boychuk, a defenseman who played really well in the end of the season last year who laid the wood hitting people in the stretch and playoffs last year as well as scored some goals and has a huge upside.The other two defensemen who need to show their skills this year will be Dennis Seidenberg and Mark Stuart. These two are going to have to do their part and not allow goals while they are on the ice with their counterparts of Chara and Boychuk. If the B’s can play great defense like they did last year, then they will have no troubles finding themselves in the same situation of 2009 wholesale nhl jerseys
2010.To call the forwards the Bruins x factor would be an understatement. Where do I even start to break down this forwards crew. I guess we will start with the youngest. With the loss of Marc Savard for what could be the whole season with post concussion syndrome, second pick overall Tyler Seguin has some huge shoes to fill in his first season in Boston. I hope that the pressure doesn’t get to this kid because he definitely has the skill to contribute in his first season for the black and gold.There is just as much pressure on young forwards like Blake Wheeler and Milan Lucic who had very poor seasons last year and are not living up to their potential in the goal scoring department. The B’s most definitely have the playmakers in Seguin, Bergeron and Krejci to set up the goals and pass the puck but I think that the whole Bruins season will come to, if newcomer Nathan Horton and other Bruins like Recchi, Ryder, Sturm and others can score goals for this team.If you remember back to last year, the defense or goalie was never the problem for the Bruins and whenever they found themselves in a losing streak or struggling to win games, it was always because of the lack of goal scoring. If the B’s can avoid finding themselves in multiple games where they cannot put the puck in the net, then watch out for this team in 2010 2011. Rask and Thomas make this team a very dangerous team by riding the hot goalie and in the playoffs as everyone knows, it is all about the goaltending.Look for the Bruins to make the playoffs as a middle to high seed and then make a run in the playoffs. If they can put the puck in the net, then they will have a serious chance at a championship.


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