How the NHL could spice upscheduling games

Mike Heika recently held a chat to talk all things Dallas Stars. Here are some highlights:

Why do you think the Stars have trouble winning at home?

Heika: They could have been much better in each of the past two games, and I think that’s on the players. Yes, there are injuries, but they just didn’t play well against LA authentic jerseys cheap
or Columbus. Both of those teams played hard, but both were beatable. The Kings have injury issues in goal, and the Stars should have been able to take advantage against Peter Budaj. The Blue Jackets outworked the Stars, and they had played on Friday night in Ohio. That was disappointing.

Dallas last season committed to winning at home, and they have to show that commitment more. Winnipeg is coming in off playing in the Heritage Classic outdoor game, and might struggle to get back to the routine of NHL play. The Stars need to take advantage of that.

It’s early, but if they go winless in this three game homestand, that will only exacerbate the problems they are experiencing and create pressure, which can make winning the next game even tougher.

The Stars have a couple home and homes coming up. Does the NHL do that a lot during the regular season?

Heika: I wish they did it more, but not so much.

Ralph Strangis had what I believe is a brilliant idea, which is to have two games in the same city over three days. Have the Blackhawks play Thursday and Saturday in Dallas. Have the Stars play Friday and Sunday in St. Louis.

Not every weekend has to be like that, but that’s something I would like to see at least a few times a year.

I like the Winnipeg here Tuesday, Stars at Winnipeg Thursday. I think that should be fun.

You think Niemi will get a start here soon? Lehtonen’s been good but I remember Ruff alternating between them every 3 games or so

Heika: Yeah, I think Tuesday is a possibility. We were debating it today, and the only thing that would make you lean toward Lehtonen is the fact he has played very well and they need to win this game Tuesday. My guess is whatever happens, Niemi and Lehtonen split the two games against Winnipeg.

Which Central team do you think is most improved from a year ago? I’m leaning towards either Nashville or Minnesota. Wild’s record might not be too flashy but their real good on both ends of the ice. I like that Eric Staal acquisition for them too


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