The NFL still hot in jerseys sales

The Ravens’ front office and coaching staff failed to act after the release of the first videotape that showed nfl jerseys from china
Rice dragging his unconscious girlfriend from the casino elevator. Who can forget John Harbaugh’s idiotic explanation when he said he hadn’t “seen anything that would remotely make me think” Rice wouldn’t remain with the team. He said the couple just had “issues,” as if they were disagreeing about whose turn it was to mow the lawn. This was back when everybody had access to the first video showing Rice dragging his unconscious girlfriend out of an elevator.

The NFL didn’t act for five months, but was swift to punish Richie Incognito for bullying a teammate his own size. Finally, the league acted and gave Rice that weak two game suspension half what they gave a pot smoker. Faced with a public backlash, NFL officials scrambled to explain that they didn’t have rules that covered this sort of thing, but then they created one that called for a six game suspension, and later, much later, Commissioner Roger Goodell who had been doing his best Bud Selig imitation until then admitted the league got it wrong. But how did the league not have rules about such behavior, especially given the history of domestic abuse by its players? More importantly, why does it matter? Suspend him and then figure it out, as Young suggested.

They didn’t want to know. This was all about public relations. The NFL and the Ravens kept Rice around because he was a commodity, then they suspended him when he was a liability. They get no points for acting this week; it was overdue and it was all about damage control. Otherwise, they would have acted sooner because, let’s face it, they didn’t even need to see the second tape to know what went on in that elevator. Which begs more questions: Why don’t people just do the right thing? Why are all decisions instead based on political expediency and public relations and, by extension, political correctness? The reason Rice got such a pass from the media and the NFL is because, as I wrote a few weeks ago, the three hip causes of our day are homophobia, racism and bullying not violence against women.


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