The Top 100 Quarterbacks In NFL History

It was a beautiful scene for New Orleans faithful, not all that long ago: The Saints, formerly the ‘Aints, finally lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy and were Super Bowl champions at the end of last season. Long years of suffering had ended, and what a celebration it was. Those people who were fortunate enough to make it down to “Lombardi Gras,” as it was known, witnessed a celebration unlike any other.Arguably the biggest reason for the success of the Saints organization for the last few years had been the play of quarterback Drew Brees, who vaulted himself wholesale authentic nfl jerseys
into the discussion of “greatest QB in the NFL” with the big win and removed himself from the Dan Marino led list of men who played the position and did it well but never won an NFL title.The rings that are now worn by members of that Saints team make it difficult to argue that any other team was better than it was last year.But a tall task an almost impossible task, even is ranking quarterbacks across time.I have ranked the top 100 quarterbacks in NFL history, and because I’m writing the article, I get the privilege of unilaterally deciding who was better than who. My opinions are not scientific, and while I have done a fair amount of research in putting this list together, I am 100 percent sure that no one else on this planet would have exactly the same list as me chiefly because not everyone will use my criteria.Keep in mind that the only active players who rank highly on the countdown have enjoyed long and accomplished careers. I’m not averse to putting “young guns” on the list, but I won’t jump Joe Flacco to No. 45 just because I’m a Ravens fan and think/hope/pray he will have a great career.As a general rule, things I value most on a player’s resume are clutch plays and championships. I can appreciate a guy who lights up the stat sheet, but as a general rule, I tend to say, “So, if he was really that good, why didn’t he win?”It might not be fair, and I’m not going to pretend that there’s no bias at all in this article. But if you don’t like my list, there are always spaces to comment and “write” buttons.Aaron Brooks played his college ball at the University of Virginia, and when he entered the league as a fourth round draft pick, he was initially backing up Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck. Brooks played most of his career with the New Orleans Saints he held most franchise passing records at the time of his retirement, though he also played for the Oakland Raiders. 2003 was statistically his best year.Brooks was really good when he was on, but he could also be really bad when he was off, as evidenced by the fact that he threw 22 interceptions in the 2001 season.56.5 percent completion percentage123 TD passes92 INT20,261 career passing yards78.5 passer ratingOf all the good Cowboys quarterbacks, Don Meredith is probably the one who is most frequently forgotten. Meredith played for nine seasons under Tom Landry. Meredith was a great player who consistently led the Cowboys to good seasons, but he suffers in the ratings for his losses to Vince Lombardi’s Packers in the 1966 and 1967 championship games the latter being the famous “Ice Bowl” in Green Bay.50.7 percent career completion percentage


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