The NFL Players Association isn’t expecting any issues as a result of Michael Sam’s decision to announce his sexual orientation last weekend. But the union is prepared either way.

“I feel pretty strongly that it won’t be an issue,” said NFLPA president Domonique Foxworth, whose term is up in March. “But even a couple years ago, we were having conversations with players about it, we’ve had those publicly. Those are good conversations for our society. I’ve always felt like the great thing about sports is you can take these social issues, and put them on the forefront.

“And there have been times the last couple years when we’ve broached the topic and we haven’t gotten the response we’ve liked. But that’s happened less and less.”

Sam’s decision to come out wasn’t wholly unexpected by the union. Foxworth wouldn’t say whether or not Sam gave the union a heads up before his announcement, but he did concede that like many in the public, the union believed there would be an openly gay player in the NFL soon.

“I’m excited we’re so close now,” he said, “so we can actually put all this behind us and move forward.”

The union president is confident that the steps the NFLPA has taken over the last couple years and some of the bumps it has endured will help to provide solid footing for Sam.

One such bump came last summer, when the union marketed T shirts that showed a rainbow colored NFLPA logo in support of gay pride. Many players supported the cause, but a number of players reached out to the union to voice concerns about the project.

“Some guys took it as a political statement,” Foxworth said. “But it was just about tolerance and acceptance. And we got calls from a couple guys, and I explained where we stood.”

The hope for Foxworth, and by extension the union, is that Sam’s story sparks discussion within each of the league’s teams discussion he says he knows has happened at some level with all 32 clubs already and that eases the transition with whatever team drafts Sam.

Foxworth also defended the NFL’s locker room culture, saying that the “forced integration” that happens in football in high school, college and the pros makes it, in many ways, more tolerant than many other walks of society. And he thinks the league’s youth will help as well.

“One of things that’s challenging about working in the NFL and with the Players Association is how constant the turnover is, and how young the group is because of it,” Foxworth said. “But in this case, it works to our advantage. We generally have a younger and younger population, and those guys are definitely more tolerant.”

Foxworth also made clear that, as much as Sam needs it, the union will be there to help.

“It’s important that we put pressure on the teams to uphold all that the players are nfl jerseys from china
entitled to in a safe and respectful working environment,” he said. “That’s incumbent on us. It’s my goal personally, and the goal of a lot of people on my staff to make sure that remains the case here. This one’s a big deal, but it’s what we’d do for any player that would need protection in any situation.”


Adding such teams would alter the NFL and add another 106 players to active rosters. That means 106 additional players that wouldn’t make NFL teams otherwise. would host both the 33rd and 34th franchises, though.There are currently 1,696 players on active rosters in the NFL, but there are more than that who are capable of playing at the NFL level. Many players across the league disappear because teams don’t have faith in their health, age, attitude, jerseys for cheap
etc. But these players can still play the game that they love.The growing concern is that the games would be less competitive if the league were expanded.We all learned it when we were eight years old: You were making Kool Aid or hot chocolate and realized that it takes the right mixture of ingredients for the perfect drink. The last thing you wanted to do was get greedy trying to make larger servings and water down your drink.That’s what the NFL is risking by adding two additional teams. They can easily water down one of the main things that keeps all the fans tuning in the competitiveness of the NFL.I personally sat and suffered watching the Charlotte Bobcats get beaten by 40 points while visiting the Portland Trail Blazers this past week. Any NBA fan could tell you that this Bobcat team isn’t even competitive this season.That’s the last thing you want to see in the NFL.The Houston Texans inaugural season was in 2002.So how do you add 106 players without hurting the product?One solution would be to have some sort of developmental league. The NFL is the only major sport in our country that doesn’t utilize one.The United Football League may be short on cash, but they have produced a lot of great athletes in the past three seasons. Players who were cut from NFL teams or are working to reach the NFL played in the UFL these past seasons in hopes of reaching the main stage.Veterans like Jeff Garcia, Dominic Rhodes and Josh McCown are just some of the players who benefited from the league. They were able to stay in football shape while waiting for an NFL team to give them a call.Meanwhile, players like Isaiah Trufant (younger brother of Seattle Seahawk Marcus Trufant) used the UFL to showcase their talents and demonstrate that they can play professional football at a high level.In total, more than 100 players left the UFL to join the NFL in the past three seasons.Imagine if the NFL partnered with the UFL to keep the league afloat and used it to develop players during the offseason. When teams suffer injuries and need replacement players, they’d have a pool of talent that they could select from and already know what they’re getting thanks to the game film.Sounds like a win win to me.If I’m tasked with finding 53 players for my brand new team, I’d want the chance to see these players in games with pro style offenses against other professionals that are playing their hearts out. You can only take so much from college tapes, combine results and preseason footage.If the NFL is looking to expand, it needs to make sure it has the right players to support it.They’ve taken the first steps by increasing player safety on the field. The next would be to create a developmental system to have players ready if they’re needed.


The scary thing is, the end could come after any carry

Running backs lose effectiveness quickly compared to other positions, and at a younger age, so they’re often fighting for a new contract right up until a door is closed on their faces. Priest Holmes averaged a career best 111.5 yards per game at 31, rushing for 4.6 yards per carry. Two years later, he retired midseason after re injuring his neck and averaging 3.0 yards per carry. The San Diego Chargers gave up on LaDainian Tomlinson, so he went to the New York Jets where he looked resurgent his first season and washed up the next before leaving football. More recently, Justin Forsett, who rushed for 1,266 yards at 5.4 yards per carry at 29, was released by the Baltimore Ravens at 31 after four games to be re signed as a depth chart filler for a desperate Detroit Lions team.

Older running backs don’t have the same leeway to be as mediocre as young running backs. There is a distinct trend line that says things will be getting worse, but also a collective bargaining agreement that made rookies much cheaper than they used to be and veterans more expensive. Ostensibly, older players are better taken care of, but they are also more likely to be lopped off the payroll.

The players we’re watching perform among the best in the NFL need to be great, because the moment they aren’t they will be on the chopping block. If they are injured, they may not find a team willing to abide their recovery time. Yet they need to run harder, play with more abandon, to overcome their tiring legs. To stay on the field, they need to risk everything.

It’s no surprise that we empathize with running backs

Running plays develop slowly. The effort is plain. On a handoff, you see the back look for the hole, accelerate, and hope for the best. More often their effort is futile. Running backs fail a lot. Somehow, it’s important that they do, because it helps keep defenses honest and every once in a while the back breaks free if not on one play, then perhaps the next, or the next, but sometimes never.

That naked grind is familiar and human, more so than, say, a wide receiver whose failures aren’t seen as often because the ball is thrown their way maybe eight times a game. Running backs suffer sometimes without success on the horizon, sometimes for the sole purpose of staving off the end.

Last weekend, Gore rushed for 75 yards to pass Jim Brown on the list of all time leading rushers, and now has Tony Dorsett within his sights this season. Gore didn’t have an eye catching performance, which is fitting for a player who wasn’t always all that eye catching. Brown rushed for 12,312 yards in 118 games, and Gore needed 148 to pass him.

But Gore isn’t trying to wow anyone. After the game, the Indianapolis Star wrote one of those pieces you always see about veterans and the respect they command. Quarterback Andrew Luck called Gore, “A beautiful teammate.” Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said Gore is “probably the most passionate guy I’ve authentic jerseys for cheap
ever played with.” The point of the article wasn’t what he does as a player, but the fact that he’s doing anything at all.


Chad Kelly was not among 330 prospects invited to the NFL combine in a list released Wednesday, but the agents for the former Ole Miss Rebels quarterback said the NFL has not provided a reason for why Kelly’s invitation was rescinded and that Kelly might still travel to Indianapolis later this month.

“We have an official invite to come to the combine; we cheap jerseys china
got a flight booked,” one of Kelly’s representatives, Vance McAllister, told “The Tim Graham Show” on 1270 The Fan in Buffalo, New York, on Wednesday. “He has a jersey number there waiting on him, and until we get a written disinvite or whatever you want to call it from the league, we’ll be in Indy. We’ll show up, and they’ll have to tell Chad ‘no’ then, because they’re obviously not willing to put it in writing to tell Chad ‘no’ now.”

Kelly’s representatives, McAllister and Duray Oubre, said the NFL combine sent Kelly an invite Jan. 6 and arranged travel for him. The agents received a call from combine director Jeff Foster last Thursday informing Kelly that the NFL rescinded his invitation.

“The only response that we’ve been able to get in voicemails from [NFL vice president of football operations Troy Vincent] is that he will not discuss the details of it,” McAllister said.

This is the second year the NFL will not permit into the combine players for which a background check has revealed “either a felony or misdemeanor conviction” for domestic violence, sexual assault or weapons charges, in addition to players who refuse a background check.

Kelly was charged with resisting arrest, menacing and several other counts following an altercation outside a Buffalo nightclub in December 2014. He later agreed to 50 hours of community service as part of the noncriminal charges, which Kelly’s agents said is not equal to a criminal or misdemeanor conviction.

“It seems like this is one of those cases where the NFL and Troy Vincent have decided again to not gather all the facts and make a decision, shoot from the hip, and we cannot get a clarification as to why,” McAllister said. “Chad is being singled out and being made example of, for what? It definitely ain’t domestic abuse, and it definitely ain’t violent crime.”

Kelly’s agents acknowledged that it was “possible” their client was involved in another unreported incident that led to the invite being rescinded.

Kelly’s agents said his uncle, Pro Football Hall of Fame member and formerBuffalo Billsquarterback Jim Kelly, reached out Wednesday to the NFL to seek answers about his nephew’s status for the combine.

“We don’t know this for sure, but it could be marketing strategy,” Oubre said. “The NFL is a billion dollar brand. We’ve become more concerned with making sure that we have the proper dressing in relation to producing a good [product] or advertising a good [product]. If they feel like a player like Chad Kelly will be there, and they don’t want certain things to be told or be heard or discussed because for whatever reason they feel like that doesn’t add to the brand of the NFL, then they could take preventative measures against him and discriminate against him.”


Jim Rogash

There are some big lines across the board in Week 8 of the NFL season, but some of them are not high enough.

While this season has featured tons of close games every week, the upcoming slate of matchups will have a new theme: blowouts. There are too many one sided battles where the only question is how many points the team will win by.

These squads are already expected to win by a decent amount based on the spread, but they should go beyond even those projections with easy victories that cover the spread.

Note: All spread info courtesy of Vegas Insider as of Oct. Combine this with the fact that the Buccaneers will start a rookie quarterback making his fourth career start and a rookie running back making his first, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Mike Glennon has looked solid in his first few games at quarterback for Tampa Bay, but he will be under pressure all day and will struggle against the No. 2 scoring defense in the NFL.

On the other side of the ball, Cam Newton should be able to torch a pass defense that has seemingly gotten worse every week this season. After slowing down Drew Brees and Tom Brady in the first few weeks, the Bucs have now allowed three touchdown passes in back to back games.

Even on the road, the Carolina Panthers should be able to get enough points while shutting down the defense to earn a blowout victory.

Kansas City Chiefs ( 7) over Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have kept the last couple of games close before fading late. The reason for that is quarterback Brandon Weeden, who continues to show why he is not a legitimate starter in this league.

One of his biggest flaws is his inability to deal with pressure as it leads to a number of mistakes and turnovers. The problem is that this pressure will come throughout the game as the Kansas City Chiefs lead the NFL in sacks 10 more than the second place team.

Justin Houston and Tamba Hali will be all over the second year quarterback, and it will lead to a poor completion percentage and more turnovers.

Critics have been looking for reasons to doubt the Chiefs this season. However, another strong defensive performance will get the team to 8 0 on the year.

New England Patriots ( 6.5) over Miami Dolphins

Although the New England Patriots lost last week to the New York Jets, that likely only made them angry heading into this matchup against the Dolphins.

The team worked to get Rob Gronkowski involved in the last game, and he came through with eight catches for 114 yards. This success should be even greater against a team that has struggled mightily at defending tight ends this year. Only the Arizona Cardinals have allowed more touchdowns at the position.

Of course, Tom Brady wholesale jerseys
should have an easier time finding all of his targets with more time in the pocket as Miami’s pass rush is nowhere near as good as the Jets.

Protecting the quarterback has been a serious problem for the Dolphins as well. Ryan Tannehill currently leads the NFL with 26 sacks on the season, which is a list you do not want to top.


The NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” business. Fantasy football is even more ruthless. It is what can you do for us next week.For Drew Brees and Jay Cutler owners cursing their starting quarterback’s inconsistency in a disappointing season, you are going to like what they have in store for you Monday night. You have to love the matchup of those gunslingers going against their own shaky defenses this week.This is Bleacher Report’s Week 15 Predictions, where we hype theMVPs, breakouts, busts, bounce back players, top matchup plays by position and waiver wire options. Expect to see a lot of hype around the hidden gems in the New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears matchup, among others.Heck, we even find value in the New York Jets and Tennessee Titans in this pivotal week. Yeah, you’re going to want to read all about that here. We help you get a jump into your fantasy Super Bowl.QB Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints (at Chicago Bears)Projected stat line: 370 yards passing, four touchdownsThis has been a modest season by Brees’ lofty fantasy standards, but his loyal owners are going to be rewarded in a pivotal Week 15 matchup that can propel teams to their Super Bowl. The Bears are a defense ripe for the picking.Not only is Chicago the worst team in fantasy against quarterbacks, but it has also given up some huge performances to the NFL’s elite passers. Aaron Rodgers ripped them for 617 yards and 10 touchdowns in two games, while Tom Brady went for 354 5 in one.Also, the Saints defense hasn’t played well, so facing the Bears’ own potent offense should make this a wide open game on Monday Night Football, particularly since the weather reportis unseasonably mild. Odds Sharkdoesn’t list this game as the highest total of the week (54), but the quarterbacks facing these suspect defenses can make it so.Load up on your stars and sleepers on both teams. Brees will have plenty of targets for Jimmy Graham, Kenny Stills, Marques Colston and even Nick Toon. Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas should be busy in the ground game, at the goal line and out of the backfield, too.This is fantasy Monday night magic personified. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts (vs. Houston Texans)WR Steve Smith, Baltimore Ravens (vs. Jacksonville Jaguars)WR Marquess Wilson, Chicago Bears (vs. New Orleans Saints)Projected stat line: Five catches for 80 yards and a touchdownThe most likely places to find breakthrough fantasy players this time of year is to look behind the injuries. With Brandon Marshall (rib) out for the season, the Chicago Bears will jerseys for cheap
turn to a player who has spent the bulk of the season idle, wideout Marquess Wilson.Wilson has just seven catches for 53 yards in his career, but he can trump those totals (with a touchdown) in his first NFL start in place of Marshall. Most important: Wilson has quarterback Jay Cutler in his corner. Cutler told Rich Campbell of Chicago Tribuneback in November:You forget how good he is (as) such a young player. We had him really going at training camp before he got hurt, so we were really excited about him. Guy gets hurt, goes on IR and you kind of forget about him a little bit because you have to move on. So getting him back is a little bit of a boost for us.


Spiller’s job. Spiller is younger, and can catch passes out of the backfield. He slowly became a monster of a player in the last six weeks of 2011. Jackson is older and will play less as the season goes on. I don’t see him having much value as you get into your playoff stretch.

Darren McFadden, RB, Raiders: If you could guarantee me he’ll stay healthy, I’d put him on my list of “breakout performers” for 2012. But you can’t, because he’s never stayed healthy. Look, he’s never had to carry the load all by himself, as he went from sharing the job in college at Arkansas to the NFL, where he’s not been durable. Hey, he might be great for you through Halloween, but you just can’t count on him for the entire stretch.

Michael Turner, RB, Falcons: Like Lynch, he has two things working against him for me: Being a big running back and turning 30. Eventually running backs break down, and those players don’t go slowly, it’s all at once. It might not be this year, but it might be. Is that something you’re willing to risk your fantasy season on? He’s too much of a gamble for me make my No. 1 RB.

Willis McGahee, RB, Broncos: He had his moment in the sun last year. It seemed like every game he was running for 110 yards on at least 30 carries. But as older RBs do, when you get that type of workload after not having it for awhile, you get hurt, and that’s what happened to McGahee. Throw in Peyton Manning, and you know McGahee isn’t going to get close to the number of rushing attempts of a year ago. I don’t draft him at all.

Frank Gore, RB, 49ers: The 49ers brought in new WRs to throw the ball more. They drafted a RB in LaMichael James to be their third down back. San Francisco has drafted four running backs in the last three years now, so they’re not just preparing for Frank Gore’s exit, they seem to be pushing it along. There’s no way he’ll be the 125 yard and a TD per game monster he was in 2011.

Laurent Robinson, WR, Jaguars: Good for him with that big contract in Jacksonville. Fantasy owners are saying, “Great, he’s in Jacksonville.” He’ll be the complementary WR to Justin Blackmon, who’s talented but unproven. I’m wary of him entering a new scheme where he doesn’t have elite guys at least right off the bat to take pressure off him like Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten did last year in Dallas.

Anquan Boldin, WR, Ravens: He was a solid fantasy pick last year, and now he’ll slowly decrease in value. The roles of Boldin and Torrey Smith will be reversed in Baltimore next year, as Smith evolved into the No. 1 WR over the course of the season. Boldin will be a 700 yard, five touchdown player this year at best.

Mark Sanchez, QB, Jets: Believe it or not, wholesale authentic nfl jerseys
Sanchez had the 10th most fantasy points among QBs in 2011. But look at what the Jets have done: Brought in Tim Tebow and renewed their ground and pound commitment. They simply won’t let Sanchez throw the ball like they did last year when they had no choice. He’ll yield to Tebow for three or four series a game at least some of which might be in the red zone, where Sanchez ran for six scores. He’s gone from top 10 to fantasy irrelevant.


But the reason the Nebraska star is likely to drop on Thursday maybe out of the first round is much deeper than that.

At least three general managers view him as a top five talent. But according to more than a dozen coaches, scouts, personnel chiefs and GMs, there is concern about Gregory’s ability to handle the mental rigors of professional football. And just how far he authentic jerseys for cheap
drops in this week’s draft will likely hinge on the individual psychological profiles (and the results of related testing) put together by each team, according to multiple veteran evaluators. He has been taken off a several team’s draft boards, according to multiple sources.

The situation for the Cornhusker All American is like this: The natural ability is there; whether he can realize his considerable potential is another matter entirely. Those considerations, however, do not make Gregory unique in the draft nor in the league as a whole.

“It all depends on the organization, and what they have in place for him,” said one NFC personnel exec. “There are quite a few players that have issues. It’s where you place football character over the things he can’t control. That’s the big thing to me.”

One opinion that’s common among the evaluators who’ve delved deep into Gregory’s past he’s not a bad kid. He comes from a solid background. He’s well meaning.

But there’s more to sort through.

“At some point, the risk meets the reward, especially at the bottom of the (first) round those are good teams,” said an area scout for one team, assigned to Nebraska. “They miss, it’s not a big deal. But the top 20 picks of each round, it’s tough. He’s either gonna be a good player or he’s not gonna be in the NFL. He comes from a good home, he’s a smart kid.

“How do you wanna deal with it?” the scout continued. “Do you wanna work with him? Can you do the off the field stuff to manage it?”

The concern is that, through no fault of his own, Gregory’s problems might be manageable, but not fixable, which makes his landing in the right environment (as the scout alluded to) vital.

One NFC general manager said, “There are more negatives than positives.”

And that’s remarkable, given that many scouts and execs spoken with during the past two months believe Gregory is the best natural pass rusher in this year’s draft class.

But his rocky road through the process has thrown up one more caution flag for teams as the draft draws near, and validated prior concerns about his ability to handle the transition to the pro ranks smoothly. The failed combine test (which lands him in the league’s substance abuse program to start his career) and his fluctuating weight only add to the worry that he might not have the makeup to make it big at the next level.

“He’s a good football player, his only on field issue is his weight and body mass,” said an AFC personnel exec. “When you draft a player, it’s easy to see the skills they have to transfer and perform at the next level. But with pro football, there’s so much more that goes into it because you face a great athlete every week, so your character gets tested.”


Cleveland owner Jimmy Haslam skipped the NFL’s Los Angeles relocation vote on Tuesday to lure Jackson, his No. 1 target in the coaching search. Jackson was also a candidate for the 49ers and Giants, but the Browns offered “significant personnel control,” NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported.

“(Jackson) embodies all the qualities that will provide strong leadership for our football team,” Haslam said in a statement released by the team. “He is highly experienced, deeply passionate about winning, and relentless in trying to find ways to put his players cheap authentic jerseys
in the best position to succeed. He possesses that unique ability to reach the entire locker room in a way that demands accountability while getting the buy in and team first mentality that leads to positive results.”

Jackson went 8 8 with an undermanned 2011 Raiders squad in his lone head coaching stint, but took backlash for orchestrating a Carson Palmer trade that paid few dividends for Oakland.

He ultimately landed in Cincinnati as assistant secondary and special teams coach in 2012, teaching defense for the first time in his career. He then worked his way back up the coaching ladder, assuming coordinator duties after Jay Gruden was hired by the Redskins in 2014.

Already well respected for his work with wide receivers and running backs, Jackson earned praised for elevating Andy Dalton into the MVP discussion and getting backup AJ McCarron ready to play meaningful games in a playoff race.

“We’re happy to help Hue,” Bengals coach Marvin Lewis recently told Silver. “We know how rough it was for him four years ago, when he basically went through hell, and how hard it was for him to work his way out of that. He has been a great addition to our staff for four years, in ways that people don’t even understand.

“Now, he’s getting the attention he deserves, and we’re very happy for him. We want to support him in any way we can.”

Silver even reported that Lewis approached Jackson with a last ditch proposal to keep him in Cincinnati via a succession plan.

Although Jackson is known as a charismatic leader and a “player’s coach,” he also gets high marks for toughness and offensive strategy.

“I wasn’t even playing in 2011 when Hue was head coach, and you don’t always feel a part of things. But Hue made it fun every single time,” Browns quarterback/wide receiver Terrelle Pryor said earlier this week. “It would be great choice, I can tell you that.”

Considering his success with Cincinnati’s quarterbacks, it will be interesting to see if Jackson believes he can salvage the future of Johnny Manziel. That, however, does not seem to be the case as Rapoport reported the hire will trigger the end for the star crossed QB, and the team will move on from Manziel.

Silver, a close friend of Jackson, stated Wednesday on NFL Network that he couldn’t imagine any coach “hitching his wagon” to Manziel right now.

With the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, Jackson has the opportunity to handpick the next face of the franchise. He has close ties to the Bay Area, where Cal’s Jared Goff starred in college.


While all drafts are unpredictable events, it’s rare to have so much uncertainty at the top of the board this close to the start of the draft. The Cleveland Browns are only hours from being officially on the clock, and yet there is still debate over which prospect they will select at No. 1.

Here’s a look at the final mock draft of the year, followed by a breakdown of three selections that could prove to have the most impact on the major storylines from Day 1 of the 2017 NFL draft.1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns front office has been impressively secretive this year, refusing to shed any light on who they will take No. 1 overall. But that hasn’t stopped others outside the organization from speculating on their choice.

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on SportsCenter that some people in the league are actually expecting North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to be the selection at No. 1.

Despite the swirling rumors of uncertainty, the Browns likely already know who the No. 1 pick will be on Thursday night and have probably known for some time.

Perhaps they’ll shock us with Trubisky, but the safe bet is Myles Garrett, who remains the top prospect on nearly every evaluator’s draft board including Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller.

6. Cleveland Browns: Mitchell TrubiskyThe Browns are likely to dominate the storylines on Thursday night thanks to their two first round picks. And they could generate even more excitement by trading up for a quarterback. The Browns own five picks within the Top 100, so they have the ability to offer a nice package to New York.

By adding the draft’s top pass rusher and quarterback, the Browns would likely be considered one of the early winners of this draft if they are able to pull off these moves.

Once Trubisky is selected, there could be a long wait until the next quarterback comes off the board.

A few teams, such cheap authentic jerseys
as the Arizona Cardinals could pull the trigger in the middle of the round, but the next team with a glaring immediate need for a quarterback is the Houston Texans.

Bill O’Brien has been searching for his quarterback of the future since arriving in Houston, and after the failed experiment with Brock Osweiler last year, the team will likely turn to the draft for their next quarterback.

Patrick MahomesII played in an unconventional offense at Texas Tech, so there will be an adjustment period for him, but O’Brien has an excellent reputation for preparing quarterbacks.

And while it shouldn’t affect the Texans’ decision, their fanbase will be thrilled to know Mahomes has expressed a desire to stay in his home state, according to SeriusXM NFL Radio:

4/25/2017, 4:23:58 PM

If the Texans land Mahomes, this pick would be one of the most fascinating storylines of the draft and would spill over into the summer. While the Texans certainly need a quarterback, their defense makes them ready to contend immediately. Would O’Brien hand the reigns over to the rookie in Week 1, or groom him behind Tom Savage for a season?